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It’s Time to Get Your Kid’s Christmas Lists Put Together!

Oh goodness.. this starts earlier every year, doesn’t it?  But awesome deals are already popping up on popular Christmas Gifts.  So it’s time to adjust and be prepared! READ MORE »

How to Finally Get Out of Debt and Stay That Way!

how to get out of debt

How to Get Out of Debt is one of the most asked questions I get all of the time.  So if you are new to Freebies2Deals and didn’t see that post series I did a while back with how to finally get out of debt, I thought I would share it again with you. READ MORE »

Why Everyone NEEDS a SmartPhone to Save Money and How to Afford a SmartPhone!

why everyone needs a smartphone to save money

I’ve briefly talked about this before, but everything is moving digital. Offers are going digital, coupons are going digital, even Freebies2Deals is digital with the Freebies2Deals App! READ MORE »

You Might Have Problems Price Matching at Walmart— Corporate Policy has Changed AGAIN! And What I’m Changing to Still Save Money at the Grocery Store!

price matching policy

Price Matching at Walmart has been something that a lot of people have ended up doing instead of couponing. It’s a great way to save money at the store and not have to trek around to a bunch of different stores to get the deals. READ MORE »

VIDEO: Easy & Fast Everyday Contouring How-To! Perfect for Moms!

I keep seeing these contouring how-to videos everywhere.  But a lot of them make it look SO much harder than it really is.  Or they are doing these over-the-top contouring & highlighting tutorials that you would only do for a Red Carpet look. READ MORE »

Back-to-School Price Points You Should Know!

bts image.jpg

There are so many “deals” that pop up for Back-to-School.  But what prices are really a great deal???  It can be so overwhelming if you aren’t keeping track of past years or if you are brand new to saving money.  So I’ve put together a list of my personal price points when it comes to Back-to-School items… just so you guys have a good place to start when you are out shopping for your kids.  READ MORE »

Where is the Cheapest Place to Buy Fireworks??

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 9.07.02 AM

It’s time to start buying those Fireworks!  Here are a few deals and coupons you might want to use when you are out picking them up. READ MORE »

Guess What? Now All of My “How-To” Save on Travel Videos are in the Same Place!

how to save at disneyland videos

I’ve had so many of you ask me, “Where is the video you did about this?”, “Have you ever done a video on this?” and I get, ”What tips do you have for saving on Disneyland?” a lot. This morning, I was thinking that I haven’t really made it easy for you, have I?? LOL  Gosh, sorry! READ MORE »

One Quick Tip That Will Save You Money! (No Couponing, No Price Matching, No Hassles)

easy tip to save money on groceries

This might seem like second nature to a bunch of you.  But then as I was thinking about it, it might not be something a lot of you even think about.  So I wanted to quickly make sure you knew this little tip to help you save money at the grocery store. READ MORE »

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