Crazy Deals

Cinemark Reel Family Time: Movies only $.75 on Mondays!

Do you have a Cinemark Movie Theater near you?  Chances are, you do!  And, that means you will want to head over to Cinemark on Monday nights!


Fast Kart: The Most Fun Date Night EVER! And, a Killer discount! HURRY!

I heard about today’s Screamin Coupons Deal and I was SO excited!! Grab a Fast Kart 20 Lap Race for only $10!!  Normally $20.


Today: Cheesecake Factory $1.50 Slices!

Update:  This is today- Don’t forget!


Target's Semi-Annual Toy Sale: On Now!

So, I’ve heard that Target’s Semi-Annual Toy Sale has just started.  Sometimes we don’t get as much of a heads up about this.  But, they do have them twice a year- once in February and once again in July!


It's Back!! HURRY!~ Freebies2Deals "Reader Only" National Deal!

Update:  They’re back!!  These sold out in only an hour or so last time.  If you weren’t able to get them before, you can now. So, grab them asap!!! The promo code plentifulfreebies expires on Monday, but I’m pretty sure they will run out again before the code expires.


Free Lasagna at Buca Di Beppo and Deal Scenario!

On July 29th, Buca Di Beppo is having a Free Lasagna Promotion. Just purchase any Buca Small or Buca Large Pasta or Entrée and Get a Lunch-Sized Portion of Lasagna Free!! 


Walgreens Premium Diapers: My NEW favorite and a Killer deal!

A few weeks ago, Walgreens had a deal for their premium diapers. They were so cheap that I decided to try out the deal to make sure it worked for all of you.  And since Walgreens has a Satisfaction Guarantee on their diapers, I figured I could return them without any problems if I didn’t like them. 


Rite Aid Crazy Deals: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced!

Rite Aid CRAZY Deal Scenarios & a few more awsome deals! (7/25- 7/31)

For those of you who are new to purchasing items at Rite Aid, I’ve broken the list down into a Beginner Couponer Transaction, an Intermediate Couponer Transaction and an Advanced Couponer Transaction.  There are also a few deals you can grab by themselves, if you don’t want to do the Deal Scenarios I’ve posted!


Kohl's: 80% off Men's Apparel! Plus, an extra 10% off! School Uniforms too!

Kohl’s has another great clearance deal going on.  This time, it is for Men’s apparel.  It’s great to find good deals on Men’s clothing and accessories.  So, if you need belts, socks or other items, check the Kohl’s Clearance section for some killer deals.


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