rapunzel hair salon

Disney Princess Rapunzel Hair Salon Just $14.51!

Too cute! This Disney Princess Rapunzel Hair Salon is Just $14.51!¬†Using magical hair extensions that snap together, girls can “grow” and “cut” hair over and over again. Seat Rapunzel in the salon chair, “wash” her hair at the sink, then spin the chair around to the mirror to style. Choose a blonde, purple or pink extension or any combination of the three. Add a hair clip or brush it out. The hair salon toy, with a shape inspired by Rapunzel’s tower, includes a swivel chair, a “washing” station, royal styling scissors and lots of hair-styling accessories, including a Pascal-shaped hairclip. The doll is not included. Long hair requires a lot of maintenance, and this hair salon play set will give your little girl all the tools she needs. READ MORE »

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