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Stock Up & Save: Save 20% when you buy $50 of select items! Don’t miss it!

Save big on lots of items! Now is a good time for Prime members to shop our favorite Amazon brand products and even put an extra item or two away! Use the 20% off $50.00 Prime Member Amazon products promo and save! No one wants to run to the store just to get one or two things so get your favorites now, especially if you’re running low! You can also combine the promo with the 15% Subscribe & Save savings – you get that by subscribing to just 5 items in a month! Save big on lots of items – the promo can be used more than once!  READ MORE »

Do you have an EBT Card? Check out this offer on Discounted Prime!


Did you know that customers that are on U.S. government assistance programs such as holders of the EBT card can get Amazon Prime for almost half the price of a regular Prime account?  Yep, it’s just $5.99 per month for eligible customers! READ MORE »

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