personalized coloring books

Personalized Coloring Books Only $9.99 + FREE Shipping!

This is  fun! Right now on Jane, you can grab one of these Personalize Coloring Books for Only $9.99 + FREE Shipping! These personalized coloring books are made to keep kids busy and engaged in an activity. Get everyone involved and make it a family activity. With each order, you get one personalized coloring book and a box of 5 mini colored pencils. It comes wrapped and ready to give as a gift. Each book measures about 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches. This size means that they are half the sheet of a full size paper.  This is a great size for kids to set on their laps without the use of a hard surface below the book.  They include a cardboard backing to help keep the books sturdy. Coloring pages and cardboard backing are bound together with coil binding. READ MORE »

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