christmas savings

Start Earning Money Now for Christmas!

Are you wanting a little bit of help building up some cash for your Christmas budget?  As of the date of this posting, Christmas is only 94 days away. That’s ok though! Hope is not lost!  You still have time to start building a healthy Christmas fund account so that you don’t have to dig yourself into debt just buying gifts. READ MORE »

5 Tricks to Saving Money on Stocking Stuffers

As we have recently discussed, the holidays are expensive. Very, very expensive. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, all of the food you have to buy, all of the gifts you need to shop for and this doesnt even include any traveling expenses that you run into. Because of this, I try to break down all of the expenses into manageable categories. Take stocking stuffers for example. There are some great ways to save big on stocking stuffers and down below we are going to talk about 5 of those things. READ MORE »

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