Our Little Bentley

There is so much that has happened lately… I wish I could go back and tell y’all everything that has happened in the last year! But I don’t have enough patience to go back and post everything. So, we will start with our dog!!

I have always been against animals. I don’t know why. Just never been fond of them. Brady loves dogs and actually wanted a Rotweiller. That was way out of my comfort zone though. I ran into an old friend from high school, Brooke Thomsen, and they had a little yorkshire terrier. Once I saw it, I said, “I might be able to do a dog like that.” And that was that. Brady was sweet to compromise with me and go for a smaller dog– even though he would rather have something big he can be rougher with. But, believe me…..he plays pretty hard with our new dog. We have had her three months and we named her Bentley. That’s right…. just like the car. She is adorable and more and more I am starting to like dogs!

My Music

A lot of you I haven’t seen in awhile, but people always ask me about my music. I still have a music page on myspace. It’s www.myspace.com/melea However, I don’t ever really get on it anymore. You can check out a couple of my songs on there. And, I will try to post some on this page too!! Right now, I’m still deciding what direction to take as far as music is concerned. Still love it!! But we will just have to see what happens now that I have a family to think of! READ MORE »

Here We Go!!!

Ok, so I finally got sucked into doing this. Myspace has gotten really bad since me and Brady met on it… and Facebook is stupid. I wanted to find a way to stay in touch with people but yet not have random people I didn’t know send me messages to chat all the time. Can’t they see that I’m married??? LOL Drives me insane!! So, hopefully I can stay in touch with all of you! Send me your blog addresses so I can see what’s going on with you too! READ MORE »

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