Apology from Vistaprint: More Free things!

So I just got an email from Vistaprint saying that they were having site issues.  As a part of their apology, they are offering a couple other free items, in addition to what they already are having free with their sale. READ MORE »

Help Us All Out! Find Local Deals & Coupons

So as you know, I am located in Utah.  Unfortunately, we don’t have every national chain here.  So, if you know of deals at CVS or other stores, let me know!  I would love to post anything that can help us all get some great deals! READ MORE »

Freebies in the Mail!

OK, so over the past two weeks that I started this blog, I have written about a lot of things you can get for free or almost free!  Everything that I post I have actually done myself, and now the free samples that we signed up for are starting to come in the mail! READ MORE »

Update: Free Halloween Food & Fun Tomorrow!

Just wanted all of you to not forget about the free things you can get tomorrow on Halloween! READ MORE »

BabiesRus: Great Sales & Coupons!

BabiesRus is having a great weekend sale and a 3 week holiday sale.  They are even offering a $5.00 off coupon on any $25 baby purchase. Go here to print out your coupons and see what is on sale! READ MORE »

ToysRus: 2 Day Sale!

Octboer 31st, ToysRus will have their own little version of Hallowen.  Between 12- 3, just have your little ones show up in costume.  They will get to do a parade around the store and get treats! READ MORE »

P&G Everyday Solutions: COUPONS & SAMPLES!!

Proctor & Gamble is behind a lot of the products that you use everyday and you probably don’t even know it.  One thing you really need to sign up for is P&G Everyday Solutions.  They update their coupon list periodically, usually every month.  However, you don’t print your coupons off on their site like you would at coupons.com.  You actually load the coupons directly onto your shopping card, like a Smiths Value Card or an Albertsons Card.  Then, when you go to checkout and scan your card, the coupons automatically come off. READ MORE »

BEBE: 50% off Sale

I am a personal fan of BEBE!  So, it is always fun when they finally have a sale or a promotion. READ MORE »

Barnes & Noble: 10% off Kids

This is not a huge promotion.  10% really isn’t a lot.  But, it is if you end up spending a lot.  So that is why I thought I would post it.  Just in case! 😉 READ MORE »

Shade Clothing: Buy a top, get 20% off a skirt!

Shade Clothing always has really cute stuff!  Their undertees fit perfect! The stores are only located in Utah and Idaho, I believe.  However, they do ship.  Once you try their clothes, you will be addicted!  Go here to get the deal.

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