4 Side Jobs that You Can Do to Earn Extra Money


side jobs

Do you want to take a vacation this Summer?  Are you needing to pay off some bills? Are you feeling crunched on your budget?  Not to fret, there are things that you can do to earn some extra money to take care of your responsibilities or just to go have fun! READ MORE »

4 Jobs that Your Teen Could Do this Summer to Earn Money



Do you have teens at home?  Do you feel like they are constantly asking for money?  If you want to help encourage your kids to start becoming more independent and get them earning money for themselves, you should check out this awesome list of jobs that your teen can do this Summer: READ MORE »

Amazon Now Collecting Sales Tax in 45 States

amazonIf you’ve noticed recently that Amazon as added sales taxes to your orders, you’re not alone. Starting April 1st, Amazon will be collecting sales tax in Hawaii, Idaho, Maine and New Mexico. That means that 45 states will now be collecting sales tax from Amazon purchases. So what’s going on with the last 5 states?  Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon have no sales tax, while Alaska, doesn’t have a statewide tax, but it does have municipal sales taxes. Why did Amazon make the sudden change to add sale tax? READ MORE »

JCPenney CLOSING 138 Stores Nationwide – Is Your Location One of Them?


If you haven’t heard back in February of this year JCPenney announced they’d be closing down 138 stores over the next few months with closures starting is June. What does that mean? Unfortunately lots of job loss but also lots of clearance items! It looks like here in April most of them will start the liquidation process. This is not the first big retailer to announce their closing down this year, we’ve also seen Macy’s and Sears both close down tons of their stores as well. If you missed the news on that, you can read all about it here. But if you live near a JCPenney check to see if they’re on the closing list: READ MORE »

Vacation Ideas When You are on a Budget


Are you on a budget this year? Do you still want to take a vacation? I’ve been there. So how can you vacation while still keeping under your budget? Here are some ideas for you: READ MORE »

4 Things You Should Spend Extra On


4 things to spend extra on

Okay, so I know it seems like we preach to save save save.  We do and for good reason.  That being said, sometimes it is well worth it to pay extra. READ MORE »

Add an Extra $20 to Your Savings This Week


add an extra $20

Who needs a little bit of help adding to their savings account?  I try to add to my savings account with every paycheck.  I don’t even stress that much about how much I am adding each time, I just like to make sure something gets added. I know that I sometimes are harder than others depending on what bills have hit and depending on your job, how work has been this week.  If this is one of those weeks that you can use a little creative problem solving in adding to your savings account, check this out. READ MORE »

Find an Extra $100 This Week with These Tips


Twenty dollar bills isolated against white background.

Twenty dollar bills isolated against white background.

Who could use a little bit of extra money this week?  I know I can.  Between taxes, bills and the kids being home for Spring Break this has been a rough month.  Luckily I know that there are some ways for me to find some extra cash, it’s just a matter of doing it. READ MORE »

Best Flowers to Plant in Early Spring

flowers f2dNow that it’s officially spring we can look to brightening up our yards and add some color with spring flowers. Often times you think you should wait until after the first frost, but that’s not necessarily the case with flowers. There are a few different spring flowers that you can plant right now and enjoy the colors until it gets warmer. READ MORE »

5 Things You Can Do This Spring to Get Your Yard Ready for Summer!


I’m excited for the beautiful weather we’ve been having and the smell of spring in the air. But with that also means that the yard work is picking up and the flower beds need some attention. Get a head start on your flower beds and lawn care with these few things you can do right now! READ MORE »

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