4 Cheap Vacation Ideas for Your Family

Do you have vacation plans this Summer? †Is your budget preventing you from making those plans? †Luckily, there are options for you to have a blast on a budget and vacation! READ MORE »

4 Cheap Camping Hacks You Can Use This Summer

Are you planning on taking your family camping this Summer? †Camping is one of our favorite things to do and we are so beyond ready to head out to the great outdoors now that the weather is finally getting warmer. † READ MORE »

4 Reasons to Take your Family Hiking This Summer

Are you tired of seeing your family staring at screens? †It seems like if itís not the phone, itís the computer or the TV. †It gets old! †If you are like me and you are looking for a way to get your family more active and exploring the world around them, I have a suggestion. †Take them hiking!! Thatís right, I said hiking! †No, it doesnít have to be rock climbing, mountain scaling, difficult. †You can start out with a nature preserve mild trail and go from there. †Some ďhikingĒ trails are nothing more than walking paths made from dirt. †Many are wheelchair and stroller accessible, but man oh man do you get to see some beautiful stuff! † READ MORE »

Quick & Easy Homemade Limeade & Lemonade Recipes

It’s Memorial Day weekend which means there will be a lot of family and friend BBQs and gatherings. Time to remember those that have fought so bravely for our country and family members we may have lost. It’s a time for reflection and gratitude. We always get together with family and every year it seems to be hot outside! We have our BBQ and I love having a drink that is refreshing for everyone. Here are two recipes you can make super quick and won’t cost a lot either. READ MORE »

TWO Tried and Love Pasta Salads For Your Memorial Day BBQ!

I love Memorial Day as we always get together with extended family for a BBQ! Everyone signs up to bring different side dishes and everyone brings their own meat to grill up together. But sometimes Iím busy running around with the kids celebrating so thereís not much time to whip anything up in the kitchen. So Iíve found some quick and easy side pasta salads that we love and hopefully you will to! READ MORE »

4 Reasons to Road Trip this Summer

What are your plans this Summer? †Please oh please tell me that your Summertime plans include a family road trip! † READ MORE »

Money Hacks that Will Help You Save

Are you looking for ways to build up your savings? †Sometimes it seems like saving money is the hardest thing in the world. †It is not so bad to save though when you know some tricks. READ MORE »

Cooking Hacks that Will Save You Time

With the busy lives that we all lead, who has time to cook? †I know I donít. †I am always looking for ways to save that time. †I do know, however, that I do not want to be driving through the drive thru or stopping for pizza night after night. †My waistline and my wallet wonít allow it. ††So how to you save time in the kitchen to make more time for your family? READ MORE »

Yard Work Hacks that Will Save You Time

Summer is rapidly approaching which means that many of us are busy outside beautifying our yards. †If you want your yard to look good, you have to work hard at it or hire someone else to work hard at it, am I right? † READ MORE »

7 Easy Exercises You Can Do With Your Kids

Exercising by yourself when you have kids can be extremely difficult if not impossible. If you have young kids you may find yourself helping them the whole time your workout is going on. You may just want to give up on working out all together. Well, never fear. There is a way. The way I have found exercising most effective for me has been to actually involve the kids. That way they aren’t fighting for my attention. Here are a few suggestions that will definitely get your work out in as well as tire your kids out! READ MORE »

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