Save Your Money By Cutting Out These 5 Things This Christmas!


Money is often tight for a lot of us, especially around the holidays. If you find yourself needing to cut back on a few things to save even more money this holiday season there are some thing you can really just go without. Cutting out these things doesn’t mean you’ll be going without, you’ll still be able to enjoy your Christmas maybe even more since you’ll have a little bit more money in your pocket. Here’s a few ideas of things you can go without this Christmas season. READ MORE »

Fun & Free Ideas for Weekend Family Activities!



Are you tired of wasting each and every weekend just watching TV?  Would you like to do something fun with your family for a change?  Well, you can! READ MORE »

5 Great Budgeting Tips



Do you have a household budget set up?  Many people are overwhelmed by the thought of setting up a budget, but you don’t have to.  Budgets can be the difference between succeeding and not and with a couple of simple tips, you can make budgeting a simple tool that can greatly improve your life. READ MORE »

3 Ways to Stretch Your Paycheck this Month



Many of us have to live paycheck to paycheck, it’s a fact.  Are you in this camp?  If so, there are some things that you can do to make that paycheck stretch and get you living a less stressful life! READ MORE »

Watch Halloween Movies for FREE During the 13 Nights of Halloween! (Check Out the Complete Movie List Here)

13-nights-of-halloweenDon’t you love Halloween movies?  It makes this season a little more spooky and fun.  We all need a good scare every once in a while right!? 😉  Freeform (formally ABC Family) offers 13 Nights of Halloween which means FREE Halloween movies to watch! This kicks off on Wednesday, October 19th and runs through Halloween, October 31st. You can also download the Freeform app right here for free. Here is the complete schedule, hopefully a few of your favorites will be featured! READ MORE »

Foods You Can Freeze to Save Time & Money!


Are you looking to simplify your life and save money while doing it? Try freezing some of the things you might just throw out or forget to use before they go bad! Having these things in the freeze also prevents you from having to run to the store for those few ingredients you forgot! Here are a few things I’ve frozen to save money: READ MORE »

Stop Wasting Money with These Tips



Are you tired of running out of money before you run out of the month?  There are ways that you can save money so that you don’t have to deal with the stressful paycheck to paycheck cycle.  Here are several tips that can help you to stop wasting money and even put a little money aside at the same time! READ MORE »

7 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm


Fall just arrived, but the cooler air is arriving quickly.  That means that before we know it, Winter will be here in full force and if you are anything like me, you like to do what you can to keep your home warm without cranking up your furnace. READ MORE »

Target Testing Out New “Cartwheel Perks” Program (Which Would Mean FREE Merchandise for Shoppers!)

cartwheel4Do you love Target’s Cartwheel program?  Since it’s beginning in 2013, the Cartwheel program has helped us save money on a TON of different items.  This app is downloaded by millions of people and used every day.  What makes it great?  No clipping coupons or searching through papers.  You get all of Target’s savings right on your phone with an easy search option for items you may be buying.  So what’s going to change? READ MORE »

Over 30 Non-Candy Halloween Treats You Can Hand Out This Year!


There are so many allergies out there and when kids have these allergies it can get hard for them to enjoy their Halloween safely. So be that house that hands out something every kid can love this year and enjoy! Here are over 30 different Halloween treats you can hand out this year that aren’t candy! READ MORE »

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