5 More Tips for Learning How to Be More Productive

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The other day I wrote a post on my top 5 tips for learning how to be more productive. I discovered while writing it that I actually have quite a few tips that I follow on a daily basis that help me to accomplish more throughout my day. 

I don’t know about you but between running the kids back and forth from school and activities, to housework, to the work that needs done in my business, my goodness I get overloaded!  I used to fall into a trap that made it far too easy to go pretty lax on my list of to-dos which really affected my days. No more! In addition to the list I posted the other day, I also follow these tips on a day to day basis to keep myself in gear and to help myself become more productive.

5 More Tips for Learning How to Be More Productive


  1. Take social media off of your phone – Social media is the worst time suck ever.  I fell into a trap because I often use social media for work, so I kept making the excuse that I needed to have it on my phone.  NOPE. Nada, that was a lie. Once I finally took Facebook off of my phone and started just checking it on my computer I started getting so much more stuff done.  I found that whenever I was feeling overwhelmed by my workload it was easy to just grab my phone and scroll (which didn’t help me feel less overwhelmed btw).
  2. Set a schedule for checking email.  You email can wait a couple of hours.  Yes, it can. Seriously. Many of us (myself included) check our emails WAY TOO OFTEN.  I have committed to checking my emails just 3 times per day. Early morning (6 a.m.), noon and again at 4 so that I can respond to any time sensitive emails before the work day is over. That’s it.  My emails do not get opened otherwise.
  3. Wake up earlier in the morning. I don’t know about you, but I am ridiculously productive in the mornings.  I seriously can get so much done. I don’t know if that’s just how my mind works, or if it is because it is actually quiet in my house, but I find it highly beneficial to wake up at least an hour before my family so I can actually get stuff done. 
  4. Go on an unsubscribe binge. Okay, I know I just told you to rein in your time on your email, but schedule this into your week.  Go into your email and unsubscribe from every non-important email that you can. If you are anything like me you have many, many of these emails coming in daily.  Not only do they clutter up your inbox, but they also distract you with constant notifications. 
  5. Watch less TV.  How much TV do you watch in an average week?  Imagine all of the stuff that you can get done in the time you spent watching TV this week.  

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