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IMPORTANT INFO about your Seven Peaks Seaons Passes you bought!

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Ok, so I just found out from City Deals and a few of you that there was a typo in the Seven Peaks Gift Certificate you purchased.  The Gift Certificate is actually for the Regular Season Pass and not the Platinum Seaon Pass that I originally posted about.

Half off the regular Season Pass is still an awesome price!  But, I just wanted to let you know that City Deals is willing to take care of you guys.  So, if you do not want the Regular Seaon Pass, you can contact City Deals for a refund. Or, they will give you a $5.00 Credit to use in the future as a way of making up for the typo. 

You can email them at or give them a call at 1-800-970-8824.

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  1. NOT COOL….that's all I'm saying!

  2. I purchased a ticket and typo or not I think Seven Peaks should honor it, just like if I went to a store and they misprinted or falsely advertised a product–they HAVE to honor it. Sucks but its just the way it is…this is absolute garbage!

  3. Thanks for the update. I bought the passes, and when the voucher came, I noticed that they just said 2010 season pass. I sent an email to City Deals asking if they would be honored as the "Platinum" passes and I haven't heard yet. I will DEFINITELY be returning mine. That deal isn't even as good as the deal you can get through the school districts. Thumbs down to City Deals. 🙁


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