Grab 15 More Pampers Gifts to Grow Points!

Pampers just sent an email with another 5 Pampers Gifts to Grow Points.  Use GTG5FREEPTS0810 and CAREFORNEWBORNS  to add them to your account.


Updated Wal-Mart List: 61 items under $1.00, 10 FREE!

The prices listed below are based on Utah Wal-Mart locations. However, every single Wal-Mart may price their items lower or higher than the price I list- even if two Wal-Marts are only 2 miles away. So keep that in mind!


Kraft First Taste offering Free Homestyle Mac and Cheese Coupons!

Take a second to check your Kraft First Taste account to see if you have been offered a Free Homestyle Mac and Cheese coupon, or a dollar off coupon!  Not everyone is getting one.  I actually didn’t get one.  (Funny enough because they emailed me to check my account) But, I did get a free one from their last free coupon mailer.


My Smith's Trip this Morning!

Just got back from Smith’s for their Coupon Event.  In the past, they have always started at 6am.  Well they decided to start this morning at 7am.  And unfortunately, I didn’t have any advance notice to tell you guys.  So I’ve contacted corporate to see if they can give us a heads up next time!


New Book from The Hunger Games released today! Deals listed!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned how I have had so many friends tell me to read The Hunger Games.  Well, as you can probably guess with running this website, I don’t get to read as much as I would like. This site takes up most of my free time.  But, after I saw the Free Shipping Deal from BooksAMillion a few weeks ago, I figured it was a good time to grab the first 2 books of the series.


1 Hour Sale at Robert's Tomorrow: 90% off Spring and Summer Merchandise!

Tomorrow, August 25th, Robert’s Arts and Craft Stores will be selling ALL Spring and Summer Merchandise for 90% off!  That is like basically giving it away!  But, it is only an hour sale from 9am-10am.  And, it is only for one day- tomorrow!


Problems with the Freebies2Deals Site Today!

Update:  Ok, looks like the problem is fixed now!  If you entered the contest before 10:45 am today, you will need to re-enter the contest and fill out the form again.  Thanks to everyone who helped me figure out that really strange error you were all getting!  Everything should be back to normal now!


Smith's Coupon Event Tomorrow!

Starting tomorrow, August 25th, Smith’s will be having their Double Coupon Event.  All coupons under $1.00 will be changed to $1.00. 

 Example of Coupon Changes:
$.10 = $1.00
$.25 = $1.00
$.50 = $1.00
$.75 = $1.00

This event will go through August 31st and starts tomorrow morning at 6am.  The computers will not be updated with the automatic doubling information until 6am.  So don’t go before then.


New Giveaway: 2 $50 Gift Cards to!

This Giveaway Has Ended! is one of my favorite places to get discounts to restaurants. But the discounts they offer are so amazing that many people think it could be too good to be true.  I will tell you from personal experience that Gift Certificates are all that they seem! Our family uses them all of the time and we save A LOT of money on eating out! During the last giveaway we did from I made the two winners promise to send us back their feedback.  So now you have real testimonials from people who thought the deals were too good to be true too.


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