The Fresh Market Matchups: Coupons & Weekly Deals


Here are this week’s matchups, coupons and weekly deals from The Fresh Market! This list has every single deal in the weekly ad, but if you want to see the BEST Fresh Market deals, look for items with a next to them.

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Multi-Item Deals
Little Big Meals - $20 - Gourmet Burger
Amy's California Veggie Burgers, 2 boxes Choose One Meat
Corn, 4 pk Choose One White or Bi-Color
Gourmet Brioche Hamburger Buns, 4 ct
Gourmet Burgers, 4 ct Choose One Meat
Macaroni Salad, 16 oz Choose One Salad
Portabella Caps, 2 pkgs Choose One Meat
Potato Salad, 16 oz Choose One Salad
The Fresh Market Thin Sliced Cheese, 7 oz Pick One Variety
Evian Water, 6 pk 0.5 L $5.99
Simply Lemonade, 59 oz $2.50
TFM Brewed Tea, 57.6 fl oz $2.00
TFM Creamy French Vanila Coffee, per lb $9.99
Bread & Bakery
Crispy Cookies, 12 pk $4.49
Golden Potato Hamburger Buns, 8 ct $2.99
Golden Potato Hot Dog Buns, 8 ct $2.99
Red, White & Blue Pie, 9 in $8.99
TFM Supreme Nut Mix, per lb $11.99
Canned Goods & Soups
Wickels Pickels or Relish, 16 oz $3.49
Condiments, Spice & Baking
Sir Kensington Gourmet Cassic Mayo, 16 oz $6.49
Sir Kensington Ketchup, 20 oz $3.99
Sir Kensington Mustard, 10 oz $4.99
Cookies, Snacks & Candy
Sesmark Rice Thins, 3.2 - 7 oz $3.00
Gummi Military Heroes or Freedom Rings, per lb $4.99
Saragota Chips Old Glories, 7 oz $3.00
TFM Light Whipped Cream, 15 oz $2.50
All Beef Hot Dogs, per lb $6.99
Baked Potato Salad, per lb $3.99
Fresh Handmade Mozzarella, per lb $8.99
Sauders Deviled Eggs, 6 ct $2.49
Smokehouse BBQ Beans, per lb $3.99
TFM Spicy Southwest Dip, per lb $8.99
Frozen Foods
Alexia Potatoes, 15 - 16 oz $3.50
Ciao Bella Sorbetto, 14 fl oz $3.99
So Delicious Ice Cream Sandwich, 8 ct $4.99
Meat, Poultry & Fish
Beef, Chuck, Ground, per lb $2.99
Chicken, Breast, Boneless, Skinless, per lb $2.99
Italian Style Pork Suasages, per lb $3.99
Pork, Baby Back Ribs, per lb $3.99
Shrimp, Wild American, , 21 - 25 ct, per lb $12.99
Wild Sashimi Tuna Steaks, 7 oz $4.99
Corn, Sweet, ea $0.25
Oranges, Navel, per lb $1.49
Watermelon, Seedless, Whole, ea $5.99
Asparagus Tips, 10 oz $3.00
Cherries, Red, per lb $5.99
Earthbound Farm Organic Salad Mixes, 11 oz $3.99
Grapes, Red, Seedless, per lb $2.99
Mushrooms, Sliced, 8 oz $2.50
Nactarines, Yellow, per lb $2.99
Peaches, Yellow, per lb $2.99
Pear, Taylor, Gold, per lb $2.49
Pears, Bartlett, Organic, per lb $1.69
Pears, Bosc, Organic, per lb $1.69
Pineapple, Whole $3.99 Cored
Tomatoes, Grape, 12 oz $2.50
Tropical Fruit Tub, 2 lbs $8.99

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