New Giveaway: Princess or Pirate Package from Get Away Today!

This Giveaway Has Ended!

In March, our family went to Disneyland and I searched high and low for the absolute BEST Price out there!  Well, I found it!!  Get Away Today has a Best Price, Best Service Guarantee! And, from my experience and experiences I have heard from some of you, their guarantee is 100% real! READ MORE »

Get $25 off Each Southwest Airlines Flight!

Right now, you can request a $25 Credit for each Southwest Airline Flight you book!  And, this is perfect timing, since I just found out our family has to fly to California for a wedding in two months! READ MORE »

Hotwire Travel Deals!~ Be the First to Know!

Our family is always looking for amazing travel deals and I’m sure you guys are too! We already know of the best travel deals to Disneyland, but what about the rest of the Country?? READ MORE »

Six Flags Discount Tickets! Pay the Child's Price with coupon.

Take a package of Stride Gum and this coupon to participating Six Flags locations across the US.  You will be able to get one adult admission for as low as $24.99 depending on the park!!  That will save you $20!  READ MORE »

Baby Swap at Disneyland!

I totally forgot to talk about this in my videos!  But it is great if you have babies or kids that are too small to ride the bigger rides. READ MORE »

Off to Disneyland!

So I only have a few hours to get everything ready to go and packed for our Disneyland Trip!  I’m a little anxious about leaving you guys all alone for a few days.  I’m addicted to finding deals for you and sometimes I just can’t stay off the computer.  So hopefully this vacation will actually be a vacation, instead of me thinking about what deals I could post! READ MORE »

Disneyland is affordable for everyone! Check it out~

As promised, I am posting about the Disneyland Deals!  There are many ways to save while you are at Disneyland and many of you have commented about your great saving tips.  So Thank you! READ MORE »

Are you planning a trip to Disneyland??

I mentioned awhile ago, that our family was going to Disneyland next week!  And, I had A LOT of you comment and email asking me what kind of deal I was able to score or ask me tips about saving money on the trip.  READ MORE »

Update on my DisneyLand Vacation: Saving Money on your Meals

So, our family recently decided to go to Disneyland.  And I thought this would be a perfect time to mention some great ways to save on planning your vacations.  If you missed the first basic post on How to Find the Best Travel Deals, read it here. READ MORE »

How to Find the BEST Travel Deals

I have had a few readers emailing me about how to get the best travel deals.  Spring Break and Summer is quickly approaching and we could all use a vacation.  But, like everything else, we shouldn’t pay full price for it! READ MORE »

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