Know FIRST with Travel Ticker!

Hotwire has a service called Travel Ticker.  It will send you an email when the hottest deals are out for Travel!  READ MORE »

$5.00 Tickets to Sea World!

Sea World Cares is offering $5.00 Tickets to Sea World! Each child ticket can be purchased for only $5.00, when you purchase an adult ticket. READ MORE »

$100 off a Great Staycation Idea!

Utah Deal:

If any of you are looking for an awesome Staycation idea, one just popped up from City Deals.  They have a $200 Zermatt Gift Certificate for only $100!  And, they usually have a “Locals Only” rate they can give you.  So I would call them up and ask. READ MORE »

Southwest Airlines Airfare as low as $39!

Southwest Airlines is celebrating their 39th Birthday!  To celebrate, they are selling airfare for as low as $39 each way!  You will only have 72 hours to book your flight.  And, you will need to travel between September 8- November 17th. READ MORE »

New Giveaway: Princess or Pirate Package from Get Away Today!

This Giveaway Has Ended!

In March, our family went to Disneyland and I searched high and low for the absolute BEST Price out there!  Well, I found it!!  Get Away Today has a Best Price, Best Service Guarantee! And, from my experience and experiences I have heard from some of you, their guarantee is 100% real! READ MORE »

Get $25 off Each Southwest Airlines Flight!

Right now, you can request a $25 Credit for each Southwest Airline Flight you book!  And, this is perfect timing, since I just found out our family has to fly to California for a wedding in two months! READ MORE »

Hotwire Travel Deals!~ Be the First to Know!

Our family is always looking for amazing travel deals and I’m sure you guys are too! We already know of the best travel deals to Disneyland, but what about the rest of the Country?? READ MORE »

Six Flags Discount Tickets! Pay the Child's Price with coupon.

Take a package of Stride Gum and this coupon to participating Six Flags locations across the US.  You will be able to get one adult admission for as low as $24.99 depending on the park!!  That will save you $20!  READ MORE »

Baby Swap at Disneyland!

I totally forgot to talk about this in my videos!  But it is great if you have babies or kids that are too small to ride the bigger rides. READ MORE »

Off to Disneyland!

So I only have a few hours to get everything ready to go and packed for our Disneyland Trip!  I’m a little anxious about leaving you guys all alone for a few days.  I’m addicted to finding deals for you and sometimes I just can’t stay off the computer.  So hopefully this vacation will actually be a vacation, instead of me thinking about what deals I could post! READ MORE »

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