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Cancel Your Blockbuster Account!

Today, Jan 5th, is the day to Cancel your Blockbuster Free Trial if you signed up for the 2- week trial.  If you signed up for the month long free trial, then I will not be able to remind you to cancel.  So write it down on your calendar. 


Best Freebie Yet!

This is my favorite freebie I have ever posted!  You can get a free sample from Ivan Mog’s Gourmet Apples!  It looks so good.  Go here to request yours.  You should get it in about 6 weeks. (Thanks KC)


Free Samples Post-It Durable Tab!

Go here to request a free sample of Post-it’s Durable Tabs!  I have always had this fetish with office supplies.  I just love them. I can’t wait to use this freebie! (Thanks, SD)


Free Sample of Escada Marine Groove Perfume!

Right now you can request a free sample of Escada Marine Groove Perfume!  I love perfume samples!  Go here to get yours. (Thanks DealFindingChik)


FREE Peanut Butter Crunch Slim-Fast Bar

UPDATE: Deal is Now Dead!

Sam’s Club is offering a great freebie to everyone!  You don’t have to be a Sam’s Club Member.  Go here to get a free Peanut Butter Crunch Slim-Fast Bar(Thanks DealFindingChik)


Free Nail Polish, Right this second!!

If you are online right this second 10:00 am, you can be one of the first 500 to score a Free Orly Spring Bloom Nail Polish from Allure.  So hurry go here


Free Phone Call from a Disney Princess!

I mentioned signing up for a Disney Rewards account earlier this week.  Not only can you earn points to receive free Disney DVD, you can also get great freebies like this one.  Right now, you can get a free phone call from a Disney Princess! 

  1. Just sign in to your Disney Movie Rewards account here.
  2. Go to member benefits.
  3. Then, just scroll down the list and you will find where you can sign up to get a free phone call!

Pretty sweet! You can only do one call per account.  So make it count! (Thanks CouponingtoDisney)


Free 14 Day Trial at 24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness is offering a 14- Day Free Trial with this coupon.  It is a great way to try out a gym for a few weeks before you decide whether or not it is a good fit!


Free Video Game Rentals!

For Christmas, my husband and I got the Wii.  And Video Games can be expensive.  So we didn’t want to buy any games until we had played them and knew if they were worth the money.


Free Bowling for 10 People!

AMF is offering free bowling when you sign up for the AMF eClub!  The coupon is good for up to 10 people.  Plus, they will send you a special gift on your birthday.  Go here to sign up.


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