How to get the Money You Need for an Emergency Fund

Do you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck?  What happens if you have an emergency happen?  What if you get into an accident, have car troubles, go to the ER?  The situations can easily happen and if you are not prepared, it can make for even more stressful situations. READ MORE »

4 Steps to Take Before You Decide to Buy a House

Do you dream of owning your own home?  Are you tired of paying someone else’s mortgage?  Then you may want to get started working toward buying your own home.  If you feel like you aren’t quite sure if you are ready or not, follow these 4 steps that you can take before you decide to buy a house and jump onto that home ownership bandwagon. READ MORE »

Create Extra Time in Your Day with These Tips

Do you struggle to find time to finish your to-do list every day?  Do you often wonder how those super moms do it?  I know that I have struggled over and over with time management and I have finally found some tricks that have helped me get control over my time and seemingly add time to my days. READ MORE »

RC Flying Ball $8.39

Right now at Amazon, you can grab this RC Flying Ball for just $8.39! READ MORE »

How to Make a Christmas Countdown Chain Using Your Halloween Candy

Now that Halloween is over, do you have a TON of candy?  What do you do with it? How do you minimize the intake of sugar for your kids? Here is a great way to solve all of your questions- Make a Christmas Countdown Chain! This chain seriously saves me from kid tantrums and tears. Instead of them asking every 10 minutes if they can have another piece of candy, they know that they get one piece a day and each day means it’s closer to Christmas! It’s super simple and even the kids can help out.  Here’s how you do it: READ MORE »

Throw A Budget Friendly Holiday Party With These Tips

Are you planning to throw a holiday party this year?  When it comes to the holidays those fun parties are what makes some of the best memories.   If you are wanting to throw an epic party, but you are needing to do it on a budget, check out these awesome tips on how you can throw up a budget-friendly holiday party. READ MORE »

Keep Your Family Healthy This Winter With These Tricks



Winter is coming up and you know what that means, cold and flu season is sure to hit soon!  If you haven’t been exposed to it yet, you probably will be soon.   This is especially true if you have children in school! If you want to do your best to keep your family as healthy as possible, you can!  It’s not all old wive’s tales, there really are some great ways that you can help to boost your health and your immune system. READ MORE »

5 FREE Fall Date Night Activities

Fall is such a great season full of color and change. It’s one of my favorite times of the year and it always goes by too quickly. The fall is a great time to be outdoors and enjoy unique activities that it has to offer. Here are 5 FREE date night ideas that you can enjoy this fall. READ MORE »

40 Things To Do On A No Spend Weekend!

You’ve heard of a no spend month and even week but why not take it one step smaller and start with a no spend weekend! Wither you want to start with a no spend weekend or go big and don’t spend the whole month, here is a list of things to do that are FREE during that time! READ MORE »

5 Tricks to Help You Stay Active in the Cold Weather

Do you find it harder to work out in the Wintertime?  Do you struggle to stay active in the cold weather?  I know I always develop a little bit of the Winter blues, whether it’s from less sun or what, I don’t really know, but I do know that I used to really struggle to exercise during this time of the year.  I have found some tricks though that help me to work out more and stay more fit regardless of the temperature outside. READ MORE »

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