5 Things to Implement in Your Life that can Make You Happier

Are you tired of just moving through life without really enjoying it?  Too many of us have gotten into habits and routines that just keep us rolling along and not really slowing down to experience what it’s all about.  Unfortunately, this kind of behavior affects our general happiness and leads to depression and stress.  Is this happening to you? READ MORE »

Good Grade Discounts & Freebies for Kids!


It’s the end of the semester for a lot of schools.  That means report cards! Keeping kids motivated to excel in school can be somewhat of a challenge. So here’s a list of good student freebies and discounts for good grades. Hopefully this list can help you keep your kids motivated to succeed in the classroom! READ MORE »

5 Unique Kids Valentines for School

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! Are you getting ready? It’s the worst to wake up the day before and stress about what to make for your kids Valentine’s Day parties. I’m starting to get my kids ready and prepared now. That way we can have a stress free week. All of these ideas have items you can buy on Amazon and have them shipped right to your door. Awesome! Here are a few ideas that are super fun and unique too. Enjoy! READ MORE »

Simple Easy & Delicious Superbowl Foods!

Superbowl Sunday is THIS Sunday! And in past years, watching the commercials has been super important because companies have given out free things, free samples and had contests. So pay attention, in case that happens again. But in the meantime I wanted to give you guys some fun and easy food ideas you can throw together for the big game! READ MORE »

5 Things You Should Stop Saying No To

Have you gotten in the habit of saying no to things all the time?  Hey, I don’t blame you, I am a busy mom with busy kids and a busy husband, it is really easiest to say no to the constant requests that I am bombarded with what seems like daily. That being said, it may be great for you to slow down and say yes to some of these things, for better piece of mind and better mental health for you and your family. READ MORE »

5 things to Remember When Buying a Car

Are you planning to buy a new car soon?  We are planning to buy a new family car in the next couple of months and it has me thinking about how to prepare for it all.  We actually bought a new car last spring for my husband’s commute and now it’s my turn to upgrade.   If you too, are in the market for a new ride, it’s good to keep a couple things in mind before you buy. READ MORE »

5 Things to Remember When Selling Your Car

Are you in the market for a new car?  Or, are you planning to buy one within the next 6 months or so? If so, you are probably thinking about selling your current vehicle.  If this is the case, you need to start thinking about what you need to do to get ready for that. READ MORE »

2018 Winter Olympics Schedule

Get ready! The  2018 winter Olympics is starting soon! I’m so excited! This year, the winter Olympics is hosted by PyeongChang, Korea. The opening ceremony will be on February 9th. Then the games start February 10th and run through February 25th. There will be a closing ceremony on February 25th as well.  You can check the schedule of all the winter Olympic events here on their site. It has a detailed schedule of when each sport will be played. READ MORE »

Simple, Easy, Yummy & CHEAP Potato Soup Recipe Your Family Will Love!

I’m always on the hunt for easy meals for my family but with picky kids that can get challenging. So I’ve gone back to my roots and talked to my mom about recipes I loved growing up that we’d have all the time! I remember this potato soup was a favorite and I love the fact that it’s cheap and easy to make! Whip this up for tomorrow nights dinner and I bet your family will love it too! READ MORE »

House Cleaning Tips for the Busy Mom

Are you a busy mom?  Okay, that’s a trick question.  If you are a mom, of course you are busy.  If you feel like you could use a little help keeping your house clean while you are busy being a mom, check out these house cleaning tips: READ MORE »

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