3 Ways to Get Your House Ready for Spring


How is the weather where you are?  We are still relatively cool with some yucky dreary, dark rain, but we did have one nice day last week and it has got me in Spring mode!!! That means that I have started my Spring cleaning and I am ready to brighten up this house for the coming season.  Have you started Springifying your home yet?


Get Your Kids to Clean Up After Themselves with These Tricks


What is your daily life like?  Do you feel like you are constantly following your kids and picking up after them?  That is one thing if they are toddlers, but pre-school age and up can and should be picking up after themselves.  How can this be accomplished without a fight though?  Well, we have put together several tips here that should help you to get your kids to clean up after themselves!


Tips & Tricks for Easy Potty Training (Step-by-Step Guide)

potty training f2dWhen you hear the word potty training, what do you think first? Pee, crying, fighting, pee, and more pee? I’ll be honest, I’ve always DREADED the potty training phase. It’s just not convenient and it’s so tiring. It’s one of those things that can really be hard or can really be quite simple. As I’ve had 3 kids to potty train, I’ve found some really good tips and tricks. Each time I’ve followed this guide below and each of my kids have been potty trained in 3 days or less. That’s right, 3 days. It’s definitely not an easy 3 days and at the end I’m ready for Cafe Rio, Coke and a giant piece of cheesecake. But it’s totally worth it. Now with that being said, each kid is different and they have different needs. Yours may not be trained in 3 days and that’s fine but hopefully they will be closer to the end result. I’m hoping some of these ideas will help you have a more fun and successful potty training experience.


50 FREE to Nearly FREE Mom & Daughter Date Night Ideas!


Did you know that from the moment your daughter is born until she’s 18 you only have 940 Saturday’s? It’s so important to get that one on one time with your child and sometimes that’s not as easy as it sounds. You’re busy running getting errands done, the house cleaned, homework and projects taken care of but you don’t want to lose touch of that special bound and relationship you have with your children. So I’ve thrown together some date night ideas you could do with your daughter but keep in mind, a lot of these would easily work with any of your children!


Get the Most out of your Weekends with These Tips



Do you struggle to enjoy your weekends?  Do you feel like you spend all of your time working and not enough time enjoying time with your family?  


Spring Cleaning Tips for the Organizationally Challenged




March is here!! What?  How did that happen so fast?  Anyway…in just a few short weeks, Spring will officially arrive and for many of us, that means Spring cleaning!  Many people though, feel like Spring cleaning is useless since they consider themselves to be “organizationally challenged.”


Budget Friendly Wedding Venue Ideas

wedding venue ideas

Are you getting married this year?  Are you trying to plan a wedding on a limited budget or are you simply not wanting to start your married life off by spending thousands and thousands of dollars?


5 Ways to Boost Your Self- Esteem

self esteem f2dMost of us struggle with feeling awesome about ourselves at some time or another. Why is that? It’s easy to compare ourselves with others and compare others strengths to our weaknesses. Each of you really are awesome and it’s time for you to remember that. Here are 5 ways to help boost your self-esteem:


Trick Yourself Into Saving Money!


When you think about saving money and living on a budget, it might stress you out, it might make you feel sad and it might actually make you feel like you are suffocating.  But I did want to tell you guys that you can definitely save money without those side effects! Here are some ways you can sort of trick yourself into saving money this year.


Spend Less Time in the Kitchen with these Tips


Most of us moms and dads end up spending way too much time in the kitchen. Whether we are making breakfast in a rush, lunch to go, dinner for the family or you are tackling the kids’ lunches, it sometimes just gets old.  Of course there is the exception, those awesome people out there that just love to cook any chance they get, but not everyone loves it.  With the busy lives that we all lead, even those of us that love to cook are often looking for ways to cut back on the amount of time that we spend in the kitchen.


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