Tips for Flying with Young Kids

Have you ever been to the airport and seen those families with 3-5 young kids in tow. Kids lagging behind or maybe crying on the floor. Well, that sounds like me right now with our young family. Whenever we choose to fly to a destination I know it’s going to take some planning and consideration to get us to our destination in one piece- both emotionally and physically. There are ways to make your flights a little more happy and peaceful. Hopefully these tips will help you out.


Road Tripping on a Budget!


We’re coming up on summer when a lot of us take summer vacations. And if you’re like us you usually end up driving to your destination. There are some major perks to driving but it can also be overwhelming so here’s some pointers on how you can take a road trip on a budget and hopefully with less stress.


Stretch Your Paycheck a Little Bit Further This Week with These Tips


So, you’re feeling a little pinched this week, huh?  Sometimes it is hard to make the money last until your next paycheck, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible.  Depending on your situation, there are lots of things that you can do to make your paycheck stretch!


How to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer for Free



Are you excited for your kids to be home during this Summer?  I am.  I am definitely one of those mothers that dreads school time, because I love when they are home.  I definitely like to keep them busy though to prevent the dreaded fights. So, how can we stay busy during the Summertime without spending a fortune?  Well, these tips should help you plan.


5 Tips for Keeping Your Laundry Pile Down


Who besides me has a laundry pile?  I wish that wasn’t the case, but truth be told, I use to have a pile of laundry either on my bed or on my sofa.  Life is busy, schedules are hectic and laundry is typically not super high on my list.  Luckily though, I have found some ways to keep the piles down and if you are looking for a way to rescue you from your laundry nightmare, here are some tips for you.


6 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

mothers day gift f2dMother’s Day is coming up on May 14th and it’s time to get those Mother’s Day gifts in order. Every year I have to think of what I can get for my mom that would be sentimental, yet in our budget. Here are a few ideas that won’t break the bank and hopefully bring a smile on your moms face.


Teacher Appreciation Gifts That Are Under $5.00!


Did you realize Teacher Appreciation Week is next week! I think our teachers do so much for our kids and we’ve been really blessed to have amazing teachers who have put forth a lot of time. So I love being able to celebrate them at least once during the school year but we don’t have a lot to spend on gifts. If you’re like us but would still like to do something fun for them checkout this list of cheap and easy teacher appreciation gift ideas!


Benefits of Amazon Prime


You might think that Amazon Prime is a waste of money and I don’t blame you.  $100 is a lot of money to spend for the “benefit” of free shipping, but you know what?  It is a great deal for many more reasons than just the free shipping (but that is pretty nice too).


When to Talk to Kids About Money

Twenty dollar bills isolated against white background.

Are you wanting to teach your children about money?  Do you feel lost when it comes to knowing the right time to do it?  The beauty of this is that there are many many “right time” moments and if you jump on the chance to teach them as often as possible, your kids will have a better shot at knowing what to do about money as they get older.


Easy tips For Quickly Boosting Your Credit Score


Are you looking to finance a car or dreaming of buying a house?  Could you benefit from a boost to your credit score?  If you aren’t sure where to start, here are some tips for easily boosting your credit score quickly.  No, these tips aren’t a fix all and the best that you can do is be responsible with your credit over the long haul, but there are things that you can do to make credit work for you a little bit better.


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