Cut Back on Technology with These 5 Tips

techWe are surrounded by technology in our every day lives. Do you notice how many times you are looking at a screen or checking your phone? If your’e like me, it’s a lot. It can start affecting your attitude and even your happiness when checking in on social media so often or staring at a screen. I’ve found it so refreshing to step away and cut back on technology just a little bit. It feels freeing and makes my life so much better.


Alternatives to Preschool – Get Your Preschooler Kindergarten Ready!


Have you been thinking about getting your preschooler signed up for next year? Maybe you’ve started to look into it like I have and realized it can get pretty pricey. I want you to know that there are alternatives to preschool. Preschool is not for everyone and you don’t have to send your child to preschool in order for them to be successful in Kindergarten. Here are some different options for preschool to consider:


Pantry Staples that Will Cut Your Food Bill Down



Most of us are looking for ways to cut down on our food budgets.  Have you been successful in reducing your food costs?  One way that you can cut back on your food costs is to keep some basic staples in your pantry that will help you cut down on your meal costs overall.


How to Save Money on Birthday Parties



This last weekend I threw a birthday party for my daughter.  She turned 13 and I was very nervous for her party because I know several parents of similar aged kids and they spent hundreds of dollars celebrating their kids’ birthdays.  That being said, she was turning into a teenager and I wanted to make sure she celebrated as she wanted to.  


Things to Avoid Buying at Yard Sales



The weather is getting warmer and people are starting to get their Spring cleaning done and you know what that means?  Yard sale season!


Family Friendly Hikes in Arches National Park

arches national parkNational Parks are super busy this time of year. Because it’s awesome weather! When you’re out hiking and exploring you usually want it to be on the cooler side instead of HOT. One super popular National Park located in Utah, is Arches National Park. They have a good variety of kid friendly hikes and more advanced hikes. If you are traveling with your family, here are a few hikes you won’t want to miss:


How Will You Celebrate Earth Day This Weekend?!?


Did you know Earth day is coming up on the 22nd of this month? That’s Saturday and although I’ve been thinking about what to do since I took down Easter I have yet to put anything together – until now! I’ve come up with some fun ways you can celebrate Earth day with your family that are easy and pretty quick to pull together.


The Best Thrift Store Flipping Items


Have you found yourself curious about the flipping craze?  You know.  Where you buy something at a low price only to sell it and make a profit?  I have done a little bit of flipping and let me tell you, it is fun!! I love the game of it and who doesn’t love extra money, am I right?


8 Unique Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

easter egg hunt f2dEaster is this weekend. Are you ready? I have to admit, when I was little I was never super fond of Easter Eggs hunts. It seemed like I was always the one at the end who couldn’t find those last few eggs. It was only months down the road that those eggs would show up! So that’s where they were! However, being a mom of little kids, I have to give in and do egg hunts every year. Most years it seems like we end up doing one with each side of the family so MORE egg hunts for us! I will admit it is pretty fun to see the kids eyes light up with excitement as they find those eggs. So, if they are happy, I’m happy. Here are 10 unique Easter Egg hunt ideas that just may have you (and me!) a little more excited for egg hunts this year.


Easter Basket Fillers For Babies to Teen!


Easter is quickly approaching and you’re running out of time to get everything you need from the store! I thought it might be a good deal to give you some cheap and simple ideas of things you could put in your child’s Easter basket this year.


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